About me

My name is Anna Staniak and I love to organize everything :)

It begun with family trips, later I took to organizing and conducting training sessions. My own wedding was another challenge – I managed to arrange it quickly, successfully and without stress.

I thought this was what I wanted to do in life. I started out helping my friends with their weddings and then moved on to organizing other celebrations.

As a musician (violinist), I played on numerous weddings and receptions. This allowed me to learn the ins and outs of organizing such events. I attended weddings while working in Japan or travelling through the United States – this afforded me an even broader perspective and opened me to new ideas.

In my work I always try to satisfy your needs. It brings me great pleasure to see the smiling faces of the happy newlyweds and their guests. I feel as if I were once again experiencing my own special day.


Wedding day coordination

All is planned for your wedding day but you wish not to be concerned and allow someone else to coordinate things? If the answer is yes, let me handle your wedding day. I’ll take care of decorations, table setting, band/DJ, and so on. I’ll coordinate guest pick up/transportation, makeup, hair stylists and all that will require attention on this day. I will take care of every detail so that you may enjoy yourselves and celebrate with those closest to you.

Comprehensive organization of the wedding day

Your being here means that you are approaching the most important day of your lives.

I will help you search and select, ensure all tasks are thoroughly completed and take care of details to allow you to focus solely on Your Day.

I will try to put even the craziest of your ideas into practice (should you wish to arrive at the venue by a paraglider or go bungee jumping during your reception – I’m all for it!). 

The list is almost endless, so you may add more wishes to it!

  • Together we will select a theme (it is up to you to decide from everything between a party in the city to Lindy Hop dancing)

  • I’ll chose a venue you’ll love (I will suggest a few places, negotiate their offers and make a reservation)

  • I’ll help you complete wedding-related formalities (for instance, if one of you does not speak Polish)

  • ...and much more

Partial organisation of the wedding day

Do you enjoy organizing and always wanted to plan your wedding day on your own? Life has a crazy pace so you have no time to select and prepare every detail...

I would love to help! 

During our meeting I will explain which elements need special attention and what can be put off until later, together we will decide which tasks will be managed by you, and which responsibilities will rest on me Thanks to this cooperation we well all make sure that the day is perfectly set. 

Of course, I will coordinate all aspects of your wedding day and be there with you to pay attention to every detail.

  • Together we will select a theme (it is up to you to decide from everything between a party in the city to Lindy Hop dancing)

  • I’ll make a suggestion about the place of wedding (church, outdoors, terrace, etc.)

  • I’ll chose a venue you’ll love (I will suggest a few places, negotiate their offers and make a reservation)

  • ...and much more


The "Wedding Tales" is a photo session about emotions. They are the main protagonist of these scenes. We find them in the movement of the hand, mouth and gaze. They are visible in the phenomenal scenery where everything is dynamic and expresses its story. We also see them in the frames through the play of lights and shadows.

me ;)

Professional organization, this is how we dreamed this day. Great taste and sense of taste. You can see the experience. I would highly recommend!!!

Ania i Bartek

Ania Staniak is a synonym of comfort at your dream wedding! Even at the last moment, she will conjure up these seemingly unreal things. And all this with a smile and easy going. We recommend it the most!

Kasia and Andrzej

It was wonderful to work with Ania. Everything was as expected. It is a pity that this is our last wedding because we would like to use Ania's services again

Asia and Chris

Working with Ania is pure pleasure because of her openness and creativity. Always positive and smiling! Anything is possible for her. You can rely 100% on Ania's taste. We are glad that we found out about it. We highly recommend Ania's service!

Kasia and Mateusz

Great wedding organization. We had a wonderful time! Everything was done in line with our expectations! We highly recommend cooperation with Ania!

Marysia and Marc


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